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Aamin Business Company (ABC) is a Private Company established in Somalia. It is a general
trading Company specializing in sourcing and marketing of various finshed products. The
Company Sales packaged foods, Construction Materials, Furniture & Electric materials, which
they distribute their customers.

The Company provides goods and service and sells to their clients. They also distribute their
products in various areas all over the country.

The Company is registered of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Puntland National Board, Local
Government in Garowe district & the Ministry of Finance in Puntland State. Aamin Business
Company (ABC) is a business company that provides goods and services throughout the country.

Aamin Business Company (ABC) is well organized and has good structure, the company has a
commitment team, those can handle to deliver a business service with quality.

The Head Quarter of the Company is in Garowe and has different branches. The Company was
formed in 5 March 2022 by a group of Somali business persons based in Garowe, Puntland,


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